Student Testimonials

Panchimma Cherian

The two years of my life spent at this school has been one of the most amazing times of my life. I have met many people, students and teachers, whom Ill never forget in my years to come. My hostel has been the best and we had great fun being together like a family. I will miss this place and everyone whom lye met here.

Ruben Joseph

TRINS has helped me to scale great heights in academics. Joining this institution was the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

Susan John Muthoot

I don't know whether I am ready to face the world but I am sure not ready to leave this school, its safe harbour with some of my strongest anchors - my beloved teachers and friends...


TRINS is a unique school which provides all kinds of 'extreme' experiences to make one confident to face the practical world... . I strongly believe that as a student of TRINS I can successfully face the world....

Parent Testimonials

Rupa Sen

Congratulations for the PYP exhibition 2017-2018 academic year.

The students are getting progressively better., and the themes chosen were power punched. Team work and synergy was visible and they all took pride in their show .. This year's grade 5 students demonstrated so much maturity that it was commendable. Involvement of parents is so wonderful and all credit goes out to you and the team

I liked the way each team mentioned and acknowledged the name of the parent who worked with them.

It was so good to hear so many parents speak with pride and joy in their eyes about how each one learnt from their kids. .

Kavitha Valsala

Thanks a lot for PYP team for all the efforts in making sure our kids are happily learning in a fun filled, safe environment. Your team did an exemplary job all throughout the year.

Wishing a great vacation to you too.. Enjoy !

Venu and Deepa Nambisan

Heartiest congratulations to you all for successfully mentoring and guiding the class of 2018 that graduated from junior school yesterday.

Please accept our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the sincerity, dedication and hard work you put in to make this possible. You have groomed our children through their most formative years and it warmed our hearts not just seeing our child pass out, but all her peers whom we have seen metamorphosing from infants to confident, happy and determined young pre-teens.

What you do is indeed noble and may you all be blessed in abundance for the marvellous effort that you all put in. The song that was so beautifully presented by the graduating children is indeed an small but true measure of the gratitude of the children and their proud parents towards each and every member of team junior school. May you be blessed with the opportunity to mould many more young minds and hearts.

Manoj Kumar

First of all congratulations on successfully completing PYP Broadway on a high note.

It was wonderful to see your team taking on such a huge task. The mammoth exercise it turned out to be was very evident in the way the sets were done and the children were prepared.

I was initially sceptical of being able to put up a good show with the small kids. But you guys planned and executed it very well. I am really happy that children are getting these wonderful opportunities to showcase their talent. The children also put up a very good show .

Keep going!!!


Thank you madam. You are a true teacher and you have observed him very closely. It is not easy for any parent to stay away from their child at this little age. I am thankful to you, dear teacher and the school for easing my worries and making my child comfortable. He seems to be very happy and wants to continue in the same school. I noticed a lot of developments in him. Once again, thank you dear madam for caring and teaching my child. God bless you.