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The hostel is a meeting point for the East and the West. Our hostel students are offered  Western facilities and education, but still encouraged to retain the best of Eastern Values.

With dedicated pastoral care, we foster young ladies and gentlemen who are confident and independent, able to compete with the best in the world, ready to face challenges and adjust to both people and situations with ease.


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Each room, shared by three students, has a fully tiled, on-suite bathroom and toilet. The furniture includes beds, writing tables and wardrobes. Services and facilities in the hostel include a fully equipped gym,  housekeeping and laundry, 'tuck shop', in-house bakery, dietician, and a highly qualified Chef who oversees the preparation of food ensuring  wholesome, healthy and tasty meals, low in fat, sugar and artificial additives. A varied and delicious menu is served to cater to the most fastidious of palates.

A typical working day in the hostel begins with early morning supervised P.E., followed by a sumptuous breakfast, study, and school, with games and special academic coaching/ counselling by day teachers in the evening, depending on students' needs. Holidays are spent in recreational activities like team games, swimming, and chaperoned visits to interesting places in the locality.  These activities range from going to the movies, beaches, concerts, educational visits, to sight seeing trips. The fact that day teachers organise and plan the activities for the weekends says a lot about the dedicated care  given  to the hostellers by every member of the Trins family. Regular get- togethers like barbecue nights, DJ nights, bonfires, and formal dinner nights add spice to the hosteller's life.

A team of teachers live in the hostel ensuring that students always have access to someone responsible. Each student is assigned a House Parent who takes responsibility for that child and keeps the parent informed of progress being made. Both the Principal and the Hostel Warden also live within the hostel block ensuring all students are well cared for and supervised.

Parents and students are free to choose the boarding option that best suits their needs.

Weekly boarding - Students enjoy the facilities and study programmes on offer during the week and go home to their parents or local guardians at weekends.

Flexi-boarding - where students can choose to be weekly boarders- going home on some weekends and staying in school for others.

Full time boarding -  Students stay in school and only go home when the school is closed.

Students are encouraged to join the school club activities such as trekking, drama, dance, sports and music. The weekends are special blend of study, free time and fun.

For all Boarders:

A friendly, caring and supportive environment; well-furnished and comfortable bath-attached rooms (3 to a room); hot and cold water facility; professionally managed, modern kitchen; a house parent for every 15 children; a visiting doctor; indoor games -  all under the supervision of a senior faculty couple and other living-in-tutors.

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