Middle School

From the Middle School, the curriculum takes on a broader facet. It focuses on a subject-based curriculum using meaningful and rich assignments for accentuating learning experience. Middle School continues with the international teaching practices that are child-centric and activity based but expands to accommodate more scientific inquiry and explorations. It is an integrated curriculum that prepares the students to meet the requirements of the Indian [ICSE ]  and the International  [IGCSE] boards that we offer.


The curriculum in Middle School comprises a wider range of subjects reflecting those required for the Grade10 Board Examinations as below:

  • Sciences – Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities – History & Geography
  • ICT
  • English
  • Second Language – French, Hindi, German

Science lessons use Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories where students learn through experiments.

The Middle School timetable accommodates a whole range of co-curricular activities in both athletics, art, music, swimming and several clubs.

Other activities

  • Grade 8 Personal Project Exhibition

The curriculum focuses on creating independent learners who take on greater responsibility and decide the direction of their learning. The Personal Project exhibition, a year-long research programme which allows every student to select a topic of their choice and culminates in a grand exhibition where they present and explain their chosen work is an example.

  • The ‘Parent Evening ‘ is an event scheduled in Middle school which gives every student an opportunity to showcase the concepts learned in front of their family.
  • Science workshops are conducted by professionals to encourage students to think independently.
  • Math Day
  • Science Fair
  • Regular field trips
  • Luminary speakers
  • Mykensho – a value-added programme that helps students to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Dedicated counselors help the students deal with the problems of adolescence and puberty.