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True to the TRINS tradition of leading from the front, the school has been a pioneer in its fight against pollution and wastage. The Go Green Campaign has been adopted by our school in a big way.

1. Using biofertilizers and recycled water from  our water treatment plant, our enterprising youngsters   have reaped  a rich harvest of vegetable products from the campus, without harming the Eco system. This  organic farm nurtured by our student community provides the kitchen with fresh greens and vegetables untouched by pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
2. The effluent treatment and recycling system at TRINS is worth emulating and could well provide some answers to our nation's water woes.
3. Solar panels provide hot water round the clock without depleting natural resources any further, in both the Girls and the Boys Hostels and the School Kitchen.
4. The Biogas plant is another environment friendly technology the school has adopted to handle the biological wastes, especially from the kitchen.
5. A compost pit transforms kitchen and yard waste into fertilizers for the garden and provides practical lessons in biology to our students.
6. One of the first institutions in the state to voluntarily promote conservation, the School harvests rainwater to meet more than 50% of its needs.
7. An In house bakery delivers mouth watering delicacies using genuine natural products  and no preservatives.
8. A revered tradition at TRINS is the Tree planting Ceremony, an effort to counter balance the rapid depletion of the world's green cover. Every graduating student is given two saplings as part of the Farewell Ceremony,one of which will be planted by him \her in the campus and nurtured by the juniors to grow into strong trees that will bear the name of the person who planted it, for eternity.
9. In their complete dedication to maintaining a plastic free campus, our students have come up with innovative  and inspiring recycled paper bags as a  substitute to plastic.  
10. Discarded sunpack sheets  designed by our students  as disposable trash cans are used in our campus,  the symmetry and beauty of which  puts the highest priced  product in the market to shame.
11. The campus also has a self sustaining Pond Eco system and a mini zoo, which serve as learning tools to foster the love for nature in our kids